Who is an 'AlphaGirl'?

AlphaGirls are soccer moms, athletes, police officers, business women...and YOU! AlphaGirls, LLC is about empowering women, of all ages, through education (i.e., skills training both mental and physical, events, gear, etc.). All “bad guys” are looking for victims, not opponents and AlphaGirls ARE NEVER VICTIMS! AlphaGirls will bring out the "alpha" trait in you thereby positively impacting all aspects of your life! Join us today!


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Provocateur, risk-taker, competitive and outspoken are just a few of the words that describe me. Although I always thought of those as burdensome and negative, I have realized that those are all positive and have made me, me! All my life I have challenged the status quo and engaged in activities reserved for the boys. It wasn't until I delved into the world of firearms, fitness and combatives that I realized my full potential and that having those skills allowed me to hold more cards, especially since people often judge and underestimate me – I weigh a buck thirty-five but looks can be deceiving.


Before becoming the police, there were many times that I felt afraid or unprepared to handle certain situations. I was in a Target store at night and had to ask the security guard to walk me to my car because a creepy guy was following me. Or taking the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA) home from high school and having perverts masturbate on the train right out in the open! The first time it happened I sped home as fast as possible, crying and super upset. My older brother (who is now a cop) immediately armed me both mentally and physically and the next time something like that happened - I was ready - and the bad guy ended up afraid of me!


These examples are on the far end of the spectrum, and I wouldn't encourage anyone to act like I did, but I do want women to have the self-protection mental mindset and physical readiness for incidents that can happen at the grocery store, in a big city or anywhere. Having these skills will empower you in all aspects of your life – join the AlphaGirl Army today!


Karen Bartuch was in law enforcement for over ten years where she worked a variety of assignments including patrol, gang and tactical teams, undercover, surveillance, intelligence and counter-terrorism and served as a policy advisor to the superintendent of police. In 2009, she founded the Women’s Tactical Association (WTA), a 501(c)3 charity which brings tactical training to law enforcement officers in firearms, fitness, tactics and combat mindset.


Due to the success of the WTA and interest from all women, not just law enforcement, for new and different ways to be prepared and “trained for the fight”, she founded AlphaGirls.Karen holds a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology from Northwestern University and a Master’s degree in Public Relations and Advertising from DePaul University. She is an avid writer, runner and weightlifter.

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